Add the BirdNote widget to your website or blog. There are now three sizes to choose from. It will update every morning with that day's show!

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Decide which of the three sizes is best for your site.
  2. Decide between the white and green backgrounds.
  3. Copy the appropriate code.
  4. Paste code into the HTML editor of your website or blog (refer to the Help section of your host if you have questions).
  5. Let us know so we can add your site to our list.


Widget Sizes:

Dimensions: 161px by 253px
Pick this size 


 Dimensions: 194px by 542px 
Dimensions: 300px by 127px
Pick this size



Tall Widget (194px by 542px)    --    back to top  


White Background Widget Code: 

<iframe src='http://birdnote.org/widgets/show_info.php?theme=light' width='194' height='542' frameborder='0'></iframe> 



Green Background Widget Code: 

<iframe src='http://birdnote.org/widgets/show_info.php' width='194' height='542' frameborder='0'></iframe> 



Small Widget (161px by 253px)    --    back to top 




White Background Widget Code: 

<iframe src='http://birdnote.org/widgets/show_info.php?theme=light&size=small' width='161' height='284' frameborder='0'></iframe>





Green Background Widget Code: 

<iframe src='http://birdnote.org/widgets/show_info.php?size=small' width='161' height='284' frameborder='0'></iframe>


Wide Widget (300px by 127px)    --    back to top 


White Background Widget Code: 

<iframe src='http://birdnote.org/widgets/show_info.php?theme=light&size=wide' width='300' height='127' frameborder='0'></iframe> 




Green Background Widget Code: 

<iframe src='http://birdnote.org/widgets/show_info.php?size=wide' width='300' height='127' frameborder='0'></iframe>



Where the BirdNote Widget is currently hosted:

Let us know and we'll add your website or blog to this list!