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Where's Marty?

This sprightly fellow is a Marsh Wren.

Based on an original photo by BirdNote science advisor Idie Ulsh, “Marty the Marsh Wren” has been BirdNote’s mascot since the very beginning.

Some bird-lovers have tagged the Marsh Wren the “Heinz-57 variety bird,” because scientists have recorded 57 different variations of its song. Marsh Wrens usually forage out of view, hopping up only for brief moments. They can be hard to see.

We asked listeners to take an image of Marty with them on their trips from Tulsa to Timbuktu. And Marty has shown up in some pretty unlikely places! People have taken pictures of him in China with the terracotta soldiers, at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and on family picnics.  

We hope you’ll take Marty along on your next trip.  It's easy: download and print Marty, cut him out, and tuck his picture in your suitcase. When you return from your trip, post your photos in the Marty Gallery on Facebook.

Happy travels! 

View pics from Marty's travels abroad on Facebook!