Field Notes

Vultures! Nature's Clean-up Crew

Here's how we celebrated International Vulture Awareness Day! Thanks for joining us.King Vulture © Patricia van Casteren                             ... read more »

Catchin' Some Rays

EEKS! What's the matter with that bird, flopped on the ground. Is it sick or injured or something?Well, it's the last week of summer vacation, and most of us want to be outdoors, catching one last bit of sun. These birds are takin' in some rays, too. Yes, American Robins are among the top... read more »


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a ... fish?

My wife and I were on a whale-watching boat off Maui in May. I was on the side of the boat, scanning the horizon for birds. It was a pretty quiet day on the water bird-wise, just a White-tailed Tropicbird and Wedge-tailed Shearwater to keep me interested.My wife isn't a birdwatcher but she will... read more »

Duck Stamps: Not Just for Hunters

In the mid-1980s, my mother became one of the first employees of the Seattle Audubon Society. I was about six years old at the time, and I consequently spent the most impressionable years of my childhood around people who loved birds. They loved birds so much that they volunteered their time not... read more »

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Traveling over 1,500 miles to experience "One Square Inch"

A BirdNote listener in Texas heard the story about Gordon Hempton’s One Square Inch of Silence, located in the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park. Known as the quietest place in the United States, the site is emblematic of the need to protect natural wilderness areas from human noise. She... read more »

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Peregrine Falcon - Eating On the Wing

Gregg Thompson was recently out photographing shorebirds in Washington State and caught sight of an unusual behavior. "A juvenile Peregrine Falcon came out of the sun behind our backs with some type of shorebird in its talons. We were excited to see this action but mad that we'd missed... read more »


The Loudmouth Kingfisher

What is the loudest bird on Earth? An irritated male Belted Kingfisher is a good candidate, especially if you are next to a perched bird uttering his piercing scream-rattle. There’s a good evolutionary explanation for being such a loudmouth: announcing to your competitors that this is your turf,... read more »


Announcing The Chris Peterson Fund for Creative Storytelling

Ten years ago, who could have imagined it? Under the leadership of Chris Peterson, BirdNote has truly taken flight!As Chris retires from BirdNote to her new role as Executive Producer Emeritus, we invite you to honor Chris and celebrate her signature achievements (see below) with a gift to The... read more »

David Allen Sibley Sketches a Townsend's Warbler

Follow us on TwitterSubscribe to Weekly Preview EmailSubscribe to our podcastFamed illustrator, ornithologist, and author David Allen Sibley dropped by the BirdNote studio while in Seattle on a book tour. We talked to him about his art, the artistic process behind his best-selling The Sibley... read more »


Travel to Cuba with BirdNote!

Cuba's national bird, the Cuban Trogon © Laura Gooch         Enjoy birds, culture, music, history, and art!BirdNote has partnered with Earthbound Expeditions to create a special trip for BirdNote supporters and fans! Please join us October 18 - 26, 2014, for a bird-lover... read more »